Odor Control

Offensive smells aren't just annoying, they could be a symptom of something more ominous in the background. Persistent musty odors may be a sign that previously addressed water damage remediation did not remove all moisture, or that there may be an undetected leak, resulting in mold colonization. Restoration 1 helps business and homeowners not only eliminate odors but also treat the cause of the smell at its source.

When a customer calls to request odor removal, our certified indoor air quality specialists quickly respond, effectively identifying the source of the odor, and deploying targeted treatments to eliminate the source and any potential health hazards.

What to Expect During Odor Removal Process with Restoration 1

Each situation requires different processes and treatments. Odor removal plans may include some or all of the following treatments:

  • Deploying high-powered fans and “air scrubbers” that deodorize the air
  • Deep cleaning carpets and other flooring, draperies and window treatments, upholstery, electronics and personal items that absorb and lock-in odors
  • Replacing flooring and other structural components if significant damage from a recent fire or water event prevents complete restoration
  • Air duct cleaning service to remove soot and ensure air circulation is pure and fresh

Restore Your Indoor Air Quality to a Fresh Smelling, Odor-Free Status with Restoration 1 100% Guaranteed Service

The dedicated Restoration 1 team works closely with home and business owners in Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas to tackle hard to eliminate odors. Our mission is helping customers achieve indoor air that smells fresh and is healthy. Whether you are trying to recover from a recent disaster, manage a residential housing rental community and need ongoing service as part of your make-ready protocol or just have a stench you can’t get rid of, contact us to discuss how Restoration 1 of Columbia can help you improve your indoor air quality.

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